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Last night we had the opportunity to perform at Burnside Park in Kennedy Plaza. Out of all the places we have performed, this site definitely reflected the city’s dynamic character. It felt both invigorating and chaotic with buses passing by, pedestrians, and cars on all sides of the park, not to mention a film crew right across the street!  For the Wonder Show, sharing our project in public spaces is important to our mission, and this park certainly reflected different parts of the community and city as a whole. We are so grateful to Jen Smith and Greater Kennedy Plaza for hosting us!

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20140802_141752Our last show was hosted by The Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York. This Museum holds a collection of off curiosities that  celebrate histories and ideas which fall between the cracks of high and low culture, death and beauty, and disciplinary divides.

We had the success of having a sold-out show with a very good-humored and enthusiastic audience. We were very happy to share this project outside of Rhode Island and receive such warm praise. Thank you again to Joanna Ebenstein, the founder of the this marvelous place!



Thanks again to Neal, Cristina, and Violetta for letting us build our Theatre in their backyard. We were able to present a backyard show in Foster, RI, inviting local Foster neighbors and Providence visitors to share in a quaint and cozy show. And thanks to Violetta who performed a key role in delivering anti-scorbutics to the audience during intermission! Images curtest of Cristina DiChiera.

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We’ve been so busy presenting and performing this summer that I  haven’t had the chance to update our site!

Since our debut at Roger  Williams National Memorial, The Wonder Show had several successful shows and events. We presented a backyard show in Foster RI, the site where we built our Tiny Theater, thanks to Neal Walsh and Cristina DiChiera’s generosity! We presented our work at the Magic Lantern Convention in Boston and received an award . We also performed a sold-out show at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in New York, sharing our 19th c. spectacle in a space that celebrates eclectic Victorian collections.

We have two remaining shows coming up this summer, August 19th at Kennedy Plaza and September 10th at Grants Block in downtown Providence, don’t miss the chance to see The Arctic Theatre Royal this summer!