The Wonder Show is Laura Brown-Lavoie, Carolyn Gennari, and Jeremy Radtke.

Laura Brown-Lavoie
Laura is a spoken word poet from Providence, RI. She is a nationally published fiction and nonfiction writer, who has received several awards and commendations for her work. When she isn’t writing, Laura works as an urban farmer, growing food on two vacant lots in Providence, and selling the produce to her neighbors at the Armory Park farmer’s market and to local restaurants.

Carolyn Gennari
Carolyn is interested in the ways in which our visual experiences shape and develop the ways in which we understand the world around us. Currently, she is focused on how Victorian optical devices can provide a case study for how individuals experienced visual culture during the 19th century. She has worked within several cultural institutions doing work as a docent, curator, and researcher and is excited by work that involves community interpretation and collaboration.

Jeremy Radtke
Jeremy Radtke is an artist and educator focused on the intersection of art and technology. Working within both digital and physical public spaces, his work often invokes nostalgic tendencies that look at old and new technologies and ways of making that allow for audience participation and play.

Emeritus: Anya Ventura
Anya is a writer, educator, and cultural producer based in Providence, RI. Previously she has lived in Hong Kong, Taipei, Rotterdam, and Chicago. Her work often intersects public history and contemporary art to explore media, history, memory, and place.

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  1. Isabel Malin said:

    I was very interested to read that you were using J W Neville’s – ‘The photographic colourist’ to colour lantern slides. James White Neville is my husband’s Great Grandfather and until I researched his family history we had no knowledge of his expertise. We have looked at this book in the British Library in London. By coincidence, my husband worked as a photographer – must be in the genes!

    Isabel Malin – Yorkshire UK

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