Thanks to all of you who supported us throughout this project, we couldn’t have done it without you! This was The Wonder Show’s first time touring a single performance over a longer stretch of time, and it felt so good to see familiar and new faces attend each of our events and offer us valuable insight, advice, and support, we are so grateful to be a part of this creative community! If you want to stay connected with future projects and events, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Here are some pictures of our final show, courtesy of Flordelino Lagundino:

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From the North Georgia Gazette, image courtesy of the Providence Athenaeum

From the North Georgia Gazette, image courtesy of the Providence Athenaeum

This playbill announces the last play performed on Parry’s 1st voyage! In the same spirit of 1820, we announce our final show, come out tomorrow night, as we sail this ship home for good!


the end


Final Show for Pop-up Providence:

Wednesday, 9/10, 8-10pm: The final performance of The Arctic Theatre Royal. Hosted by AS220 as part of their NightVisions series will be presented at: Grant’s Block, 260 Westminster Street. Free. more info HERE


Athenaeum Exhibit closing with Q&A:

Thursday, 9/11, 5-7pm: An Arctic Exhibition and Closing Celebration with The Wonder Show.
At the Providence Athenaeum. Free. More information about the exhibit can be found HERE.

Read about the Exhibit


If you haven’t seen the Arctic Theatre Royal, this will be your last chance next Wednesday! Marking our final show you can expect some extra spectacle: Snow in September, large scale projections, an arctic photo booth, and more! Not to mention our tiny theater will be accompanying us for this last endeavor. Additionally, if you haven’t had the chance to see the amazing collection of items now on display at the Philbrick Rare Book Room you are invited to join us in a closing celebration of the exhibit: A Peep at the Arctic: Visions of Polar Exploration, 1818-1909, as well as a celebration and closing of this project as a whole. Hope to see you at these final events, thank you all for your support!





Last night we had the opportunity to perform at Burnside Park in Kennedy Plaza. Out of all the places we have performed, this site definitely reflected the city’s dynamic character. It felt both invigorating and chaotic with buses passing by, pedestrians, and cars on all sides of the park, not to mention a film crew right across the street!  For the Wonder Show, sharing our project in public spaces is important to our mission, and this park certainly reflected different parts of the community and city as a whole. We are so grateful to Jen Smith and Greater Kennedy Plaza for hosting us!

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20140802_141752Our last show was hosted by The Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York. This Museum holds a collection of off curiosities that  celebrate histories and ideas which fall between the cracks of high and low culture, death and beauty, and disciplinary divides.

We had the success of having a sold-out show with a very good-humored and enthusiastic audience. We were very happy to share this project outside of Rhode Island and receive such warm praise. Thank you again to Joanna Ebenstein, the founder of the this marvelous place!



Thanks again to Neal, Cristina, and Violetta for letting us build our Theatre in their backyard. We were able to present a backyard show in Foster, RI, inviting local Foster neighbors and Providence visitors to share in a quaint and cozy show. And thanks to Violetta who performed a key role in delivering anti-scorbutics to the audience during intermission! Images curtest of Cristina DiChiera.

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